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Since the dawn of time , the world has always been divided into two opposing ideas. I will explain. In the electrical industry the giants of their age Edison and Nicola Tesla championed two different ideas on how electricity should be conducted .Direct current vs Alternating current wars were very personal and the lengths that they went to in order to ensure their ideas carried the day were both extreme and daunting. This was the precursor to the birth of the information age.

In the programming sphere, the major debate has been centered around functional vs object oriented programming. These…

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“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun ~Ecclesiastes 1:9 “

Today I am reminded of my history class.We were taught that mankind has gone through several stages or ages as some may call it .What defined those ages were mainly the tools or systems that were so prevalent in that time and had impact enough to attach that period of time with the tools that characterized it.Stone age, iron age , bronze age , industrial age just to name a few.There is also the golden age…

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“ Teaching is a wonderful way to learn”

Requirements for this tutorial

  1. Django form-tools library which is a really cool library when you want to implement multi-step forms using sessions or cookies. Documentation found here.
  2. django inline formsets using django-dynamic-formsets library found here.
  3. Django crispy forms to give our forms a modern bootstrap feel.

Once you have installed the two libraries we are good to go. Feel free to skip the virtual environment setup if you are already familiar with the setup of a django project and app.

Assumptions made in this tutorial, you are familiar with both…

Software Engineering
Software Engineering
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It’s a bright Monday morning,you wake up do the usual morning routines before heading to work.If you are anything like me , you would be grateful for getting matching socks without tearing apart the whole house, but those little troubles are what make the world go round!

I stride into the office , greet everyone who is getting their morning dose of coffee or tea before heading to SCRUM(that’s like a short meeting where everyone gets their tasks).Personally am a tea person so I get mine and settle in.

I look at the task assigned to me from Jiira …


Daniel Karama is a Devopps Engineer who hopes to transform complicated technical ideas and subjects into simple and relatable technological success stories.

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